Anne Arden McDonald Jewelry

The first thing I ever cast was orange and grapefruit seeds for the floor of my installation in Milan, then I cast the apple seed ring, and I started thinking about rings as small pieces of wearable art. I wanted to make rings with content, pieces that would be intimate and symbolic to the wearer, which was something I didn't see in the world around me. I hope you enjoy them.

Prices: Most rings are $100 each (heavier items and larger sizes are $130), buttons are $50 each, and all earrings, necklaces, and cufflinks are $180 (heavier items are $200). All of the prices are for the pieces in silver, the price for gold plated would be more, and the price for solid gold would be related to the market price of the gold.

Also a disclaimer: All of the pieces have a handmade quality, and some of them are not completely round, so some of the sizes are an educated guess.

Retail Stores:

Pip Sqeak Chapeau
99 Franklin Street
Brooklyn NY

Christopher 19
19 Christopher Street
New York, NY

Paxton Gate
824 Valencia St.
San Francisco, CA

Paxton Gate
4204 N. Mississippi St.
Portland, OR

Ironwood Collection
14 S. Broadway
Denver, CO.

Renga Arts
3605 Main St.
Occidental, CA 95465

Portal 108
108 Main Road
Hepburn Springs
Victoria Australia
+61 3 5348 4353

1713 South 1st Street
Austin, TX

11 bis, rue Elzevir
Paris, France, 75003

Still House
117 East 7th Street

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Apple Seed Ring

Ring height: 1 cm or 7/16th ins., measured at widest point.

This is the first ring I made—I stitched apple seeds together and cast them—I was thinking about having a child and wanted to meditate on seeds and fertility of all kinds— but people see different things in it—flames, teeth, tears, a crown—

Sizes: 4.5, 6, 7.25, 8.5, 11.5

Bird Stamp Ring

Ring height: 1.7cm or 3/4 ins. (more or less, depending on ring size)

This is one of my favorites—birds and flying have always been a metaphor for freedom for me—I feel a lot of tension living in a body that has limitations and yet has a mind that is free to dream—

Sizes 3.5, 4.5, 5. 7.5, 8, 9
Sizes 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11

Bone Misc. Ring

Ring height: 1.5cm or 5/8 of an inch tall at the tallest spot.

I made a collage of bones, the way they never would have been in nature—a hip glued to a hand to an arm to a spine, and cast it into a ring-

Sizes: 10 (approx.)

Bone Square Ring

Ring height: .5cm or 1/4 ins.

This ring is 4 small animals' arm, leg, finger or toe bones glued together, with some extra knee or hand pieces at the corners-this ring taught me that while we think of fingers as round, they are equally square at the knuckle.

Sizes: 6, 8 (approx.)

Couple Ring

Ring height: .6cm or 1/4 ins.

I made this one to think about what it means to be a couple and yet remain individuals—one comes from one place, one comes from another, and they lie down together—

Sizes: 6, 7, 8, 8.5, 9.5

Fern Graphic Ring

Ring height: 1.5cm or 1/2 ins. tall at the tallest—

I picked the top of a fern, pressed it into a wax band, and cast it—It had such a graphic line, like tiny fiddleheads, each one a fractal—I like that they feel so ancient, and I like how Anselm Kiefer has used them—

Sizes: 5.5, 7.5, 8

Fern Lace Ring

Ring height: 1.2m or 1/2 ins. tall at the tallest.

I picked the top of a fern, pressed it into a wax band, and cast it—It came out with such delicate detail, like lace—

Sizes: 7.5, 8.75, 11.75

Hand in Sky Ring

I wanted it to look like you're looking up into the night sky, and a hand made out of stars is coming down to help you—

Sizes: 9

House Ring

Height is 1.2cm or 1/2 ins.

When I was evicted from my loft, I would close my eyes at night and draw pictures of little houses, and when I opened my eyes, the drawings were always surprising (you can see them here). It was as if they were tiny prayers for a home. This ring is an homage to that time—

Sizes: 4, 6.5, 7, 7.75, 9
Sizes: 11.5

Simple Ring

Ring height: .3cm or 1/8 in.

This ring has been used as a wedding band, and has a very good handmade irregular feeling to the touch—

Sizes: 6, 8.5

Seahorse Curled Ring

Ring height: 1.2 cm or .5 ins.

Seahorses are bizarre to me, that they can move with just the little wings on their faces-and they are a favorite of a dear friend on mine—

Sizes: 4, 6.75, 8.5

Seahorse Flying Ring

Ring height: 1.5 cm or 5/8 ins.

I like the way this one looks like he's flying—

Sizes: 10, 14

Spiral Broken Ring

Height is 1.5cm or 5/8 in.

See above, but I also love that this one shows how it grows larger—

Sizes: 8

Spiral Bumpy Ring

Size 5, height is 1.2cm or .5 in.

I am attracted to spirals—the shape, the movement, and the science—the golden mean, Fibonacci, etc.

Sizes 5.5
Sizes: 8.5

Spiral Negative Ring

I wanted to do a spiral ring that shows the inside and the outside spaces of the spiral.

Sizes: 7, 9.5
Sizes: 11, 11.5

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